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One note on my documentaries and essays on religion and politics. These are my views and not Susan's. She has very different thoughts and opinions than I do on these and lots of subjects, so please don't direct your angry comments at Susan for these views, which are my own, honest opinions alone.


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Well, Susan and I just returned from a five-week painting trip to Turkey and then Spain. We were welcomed everywhere when we painted on the streets and in the little villages of Turkey and Spain, except in Barcelona, where the police vigorously stopped us from painting, saying it was illegal to paint anywhere in public in Barcelona even though we weren't selling anything. We even went to the police station to fill out an official application, but they are only reviewed one day a year and are really meant for street performers asking for money, so it seems there is no real legal way to plein-air paint in Barcelona.

I should note that we have painted without problem throughout the rest of Spain, which is one of our favorite countries in Europe, so this isn't a critique of Spain generally, but only of Barcelona. The above video is a spoof of our experience. The funniest thing the police said to me was "Stop painting, NOW!", which I didn't capture on video since I was painting at the time! The police also forced me to stop videotaping them when they were shutting us down. Oh, Barcelona, what has happened to you since we visited there in 1997?


Here's a Documentary I made on the Reason Rally, in Washington DC with many luminaries of the Freethought Movement. 

Very honored to have The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science selling a DVD of my documentary, "In God We Trust?" on their website. 100% of the money goes to the Non-Profit Foundation, by the way, and the DVD has been polished up from the version on the web, with some additional comments by Richard Dawkins and a few others. It is also in high definition. The price is $19.95

Below is an interview I did with Dan Barker of Freedom From Religion Foundation. His story is very interesting since he spent fifteen years as an Evangelical preacher before becoming one of America's most prominent atheists.

And here's an interview I did with Evolutionary Biologist, Richard Dawkins.