Scott Burdick

      1991 Susan                                                                                    2012  

"I Am Tibet" oil, 40" by 30"


"Guatemalan Smoke" oil, 16" by 20"


"Delia in Cathedral" oil, 30" by 30" Antigua, Guatemala



"Procession of the Virgin" oil, 18" by 24" Guatemala

"Antigua Pilgrim" oil, 16" by 12"


"Good Friday Procession" oil, 18" by 24" Guatemala

"Anika" oil 20" by 20"


"I Am Tibet # 2" oil, 24" by 18"

"Mayan Colors" Guatemala, oil, 30" by 30"


"Ediza Lake" Field study, oil, 11" by 14"



"Racael Constantine" Charoal and white chalk, 18" by 24"


"Diane Feissel" Charcoal and White Chalk, 24" by 18"


"India Portrait" Charcoal and White Chalk, 16" by 12"


"Tibetan Girl" Charcoal and White Chalk, 24" by 18"

"Traditional Navajo Minivan" oil, 50" by 40" This painting will be at the Prix de West show at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, in June.

Whenever I go out West I'm captivated by both the things that are relatively timeless, like the landscape, the sky, the clouds; as well as by the things that are uniquely modern. This painting combines both and reminds me of how distinct our moment in time is. In a few centuries, even this minivan will probably seem quaint and old-fashioned. But I hope there are still mountains and children to enjoy their beauty.



"Great Grandfather - Navajo" oil, 20" by 20"

"Great Grandmother - Navajo" oil, 20" by 20"




"Young Girl from Cappadocia" Turkey, 18" by 14" oil


"Tanzania Sketch" Charcoal, Africa 22" by 17"

      1991 Susan                                                                                    2012  

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