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Clapping -oil-14" by 11"

She is a dancer at the Flamenco Museum in Seville

A Welcome Party - oil - 26" by 16"

I did this painting a couple of years ago but forgot to put it on the website. These women were a part of a 10 member group that danced for us at the end of our 3 day trek in Tanzania.

I was exhausted at the end of the day and just sat on the ground while they performed for almost an hour. I am really attracted to their different facial expressions.


Sarah - pastel pencil - 24" by 18"

An example of one of the drawings I would do from a live model.


Young Cowboy wih Yellow Hat - oil - 12" by 12"

The painting above and below were from our trip to San Miguel Allende, Mexico November 2010. We visited a Horse Festival outside of town.


"Horse Parade" oil, 9" by 12" - Mexico

"Young Boy" pastel on Rives Paper, 20" by 16"

"Orchids for Sarah" oil on canvas, 20" by 14"

""Spanish Dancer" pastel on Rives Paper, 22" by 18"

"Corn and Sunflowers" oil on canvas, 34" by 20"

"Yellow Hat" India - 24" by 18" -- oil on canvas


Naomi nude Oil on Canvas 7 by 12

Yanca   Oil on Canvas   6 by 8


Yanca profile   Pastel on paper   15 by 13



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